Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dallas Cowboys Cuts Michael Sam Off Practice Squad


Michael Sam, the first openly homosexual player to be drafter by the National Football League was released off the Dallas Cowboys practice squad on Tuesday after spending about 7 weeks training with them.

Mr. Sam hasn't made an appearance on a regular NFL game as of yet. Coming out of College, Sam was drafted in the 7th round by the St. Louis Rams but wasn't successful in making their 53-men regular season roster. Despite recording 3 preseason sacks, the Rams also passed on the chance to include Sam on their 10-men practice squad before being signed to the Cowboys own practice squad.

The Dallas Cowboys announced the shocking news on their website, and many homosexuals weren't too pleased by this event. Already, claims of homophobia is being thrown at the Cowboys, which is not surprising. Maybe it's time for them to realize that Sam is simply not good enough at the moment to make it unto a regular NFL roster.

Sam was indeed a College All-American and Co-Defensive player of the year playing in the SEC for the Missouri Tigers, but many have won more prestigious award like the Heisman and still not able to make an NFL roster. That goes to show you that you need much more to cut it in the National Football League.

Unfortunately for Sam, he's not a very good athlete and relies heavily on hustling and a good motor. I doubt that alone can get you at the door.

Nevertheless, there are some rumors that maybe the New York Jets may sign Michael Sam into their 10 men practice squad and could even outright sign him to their active NFL roster.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dallas Cowboys Sign Michael Sam To Practice Squad

 While you will not see Michael Sam dress up on Sunday to play NFL Football anytime soon, Mr Sam -- the first openly Homo NFL player to be drafted -- will at least get the chance to claim he's part of an NFL practice squad. That team is none other then Jerry Jones Dallas Cowboys.

On Wednesday, The Cowboys announced that they'd signed the former St Louis Rams 7th rounder to their 10 man practice squad, a group who trains with member of the 53 man roster but doesn't play any part in official NFL games. This means Michael Sam will have to wait for a while to record his first NFL sack or tackle, which I'm sure would disappoint many of his gay supporters across the nation. But even with these facts in mind, Michael Sam has drawn plenty of attention in the Dallas area with  TV new coverage and radio talk shows discussing his arrival in Dallas.

Jerry Jones, the Cowboys high profile owner and general manager took a chance on Sam believing he had nothing to lose by having him on the practice squad and see how he develops. His hope is that Sam would improve enough to eventually break into the 53 man roster at some point. The Cowboys are also a much weaker team at rushing the passer than the Rams so Sam's has a better odds of making it in the NFL with the Cowboys.

From this point forward, it will be interesting to see how things pans out for Sam and whether he does indeed impresses on the training squad. Injuries could also see him get the call into the 53 man roster.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Michael Sam Cut By Rams And Not Signed Into Practice Squad

In a huge shocker to all gays across America, The St. Louis Rams have decided to not only cut Michael Sam off their main regular season roster, but he will also not be part of their practice squad which comprise of 10 members. Michael Sam who did indeed look decent in pre-season by collected 3 sacks in 11 tackles, will now be looking for a new team as a free agent.

Many of Sam's supporter are livid over their man not making the team dispite what looks like pre-season st6atistics, but apparently, the Rams weren't too impressed since his 3 sacks came against opposition 2nd and 3rd strings players 2 of those sacks cam against Johnny Menziel who held unto the ball too long and was so clueless.

At the end of the day, Sam didn't show enough upper body strength and speed that is required to play as a starting defensive end in the National Football League. His main competitor, Ethan Westbrooks,  an undrafted rookie out of little known West Texas A&M University, showed much more upside and potential during hsi time on the field.

I suspect some team will eventually pick up Michael solely based on the fact he did indeed look respectable out there and wasn't overwhelmed. It'll most likely be on another team practice squad since Sam will have too much catching up to do to learn a new play book this late into pre-season to make it into an NFL team regular squad. The practice squad could be a platform for Sam to improve on his deficiencies as an athlete and if he shows well, a promotion may occur for him to get into the regular season roster. I'm guessing he'll have to hope for injuries to get a chance.

Friday, May 30, 2014

St. Louis Rams select openly gay player Michael Sam

While it took much longer than expected, Michael Sam, the first openly gay man to enter the draft was finally drafted in the NFL by the St. Louis Rams as the 249th player selected. Mr. Sam was repeatedly passed over while more then 200 players were selected before him. From division 2 program anonymous players to kickers and punters heard their name called while Michael Sam, the consensus S.E.C co-player of the year had to wait until the third day of the draft to hear his name called in.

After Michael Sam was drafted as the 249th pick, only 7 players were selected behind him to end the draft.

Michael draft status was seen by many analysis as a barometer on whether an openly gay player could be accepted in the most  macho manly sports in the country, specially after the NBA had introduced its first open homosexual player named Jason Collins who signed with the Brooklyn Nets.

Not long after he was drafted, Sam thanked the Rams, of course and all his supporters on twitter. He continued by stating he was looking forward to achieving greatness, something many people doubt since he's perceived as a slow and weak defensive end who is too small to play the position he played in College.

Michael Sam was seen crying like a girl and showing lots of emotion as he received a phone call from Rams head coach Jeff Fisher who broke the news to Sam that they had indeed used their 7th round pick to draft him. Sam was then seen on national TV making out with his boyfriend enthusiastically and licking cakes off each others faces. This was a scene that not too many were excited about since it made the majority of heterosexual men very uncomfortable watching 2 men kissing on TV.